Hey guys!

What began as a way to chronicle my battle with ulcerative colitis and the three surgeries I faced at the very beginning of this blog has now evolved into chronicling my journey to finding & becoming the best version of myself.

Through my writing here, I’m hoping I can inspire you to become better, no matter how small or large the impact. Connecting with others makes me feel more alive than anything. I’m always drawing inspiration from life events, overheard conversations, the serendipitous timing of a song, a well or poorly played hand of poker, and sports of all kind, among many, many other things.

Things happen for a reason. There are no coincidences, only opportunities. What that opportunity is, if we choose to explore that opportunity and learn from it…that’s up to us.

A little about me:

I’m 30 & living in New Orleans with my kitten, Esmeralda aka Ezzy aka Ezzy-E aka Ezzy Azaela. Poker is my main source of income, and I’m beginning to dabble in acting. I’m a chronic procrastinator because I enjoy a challenge. I have no large intestine, which is kinda different. I enthusiastically cheer for Brees & The Brow.

Compare and contrast:

  • The Office > All Sitcoms
  • Donuts > Cake
  • Chocolate > All
  • Nas > Jay-Z
  • 95-96 Bulls > 15-16 Warriors
  • Christopher Nolan > Most

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